About us

We are Peter and Debbie , we are living in a place called Dordrecht.We are the servants of our 3 Bulldogs. Our females Dolly, Hermien and Jessie. Our interest started years ago, when the love for this breed started to grow we collected information and after a while we started looking for a good healthy Bulldog. After lots of calls and visits we found her! Yes our first female Bulldog Beau.To keep this story short one let to another and in the mean time we are living with 3 Bulldogs in our house. And this amount of love and company we will never be able to miss again!!

The way we breed

Before I decided to breed a litter of Bulldogs myself I collected a lot of information because breeding Bulldogs is not something you should do with no knowledge!
A English bulldogkennel in that time asked me if I would like to help her with raising a litter and of course I couldn’t resist that! They supported me very well and I have learned a lot and developed that much that I was sure I also could make that step in breeding Bulldogs
I won’t say it often, but I am very proud of myself because together with my husband Peter we raised 5 beautiful female pups where our Romy is one of.
Our pups are being raised in our living room. That is how we try to nurture our pups into free non complicated Bulldogs.
Our way of breeding is doing our utmost best to keep this breed as healthy as possible by breeding only with good healthy lines and dogs!
The way we see breeding is to improve our breed and we will always aim for that goal!

what can you expect of us

good guidance
good contact
nutrition advice
FCI pedigree
health certificate
formal agreement

What will we expect from you

knowledge about this breed
lots of love
follow of our advice

what can you expect of our pups

well taken care off
well socialised
micro chipped
good character